Bunny ear cactus

Asked July 23, 2015, 5:45 PM EDT

Hello! I have 2 problems with my bunny ear cactus. The first problem is that it has new growth on the top, but the new growth seems to grow about 6 inches tall, but it stays really thin, unlike the rest of the cactus. Why won't they widen out? My second question is also about (possibly) new growth. In the soil, about an inch away from my cactus, it is growing these brown things in a bunch. There are about 10 of them, and some of them appear to be dead and some aren't. They remind me of mushrooms, but they don't really look like mushrooms... Are they a disease or something or new growth? Please help!

Montgomery County Alabama

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How long have you been growing the cactus? Have you changes anything with the watering schedule or the amount of light it gets? how much light does it get each day? The mushroom growth may or may not be a problem. They grow on dead organic matter. Might be growing from your potting soil and have nothing to do with the cactus. e-mailing me direct would speed up our communication. eastwil@aces.edu
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Chip East
Regional Extension Agent
Alabama Cooperative Extension System