Asked July 23, 2015, 12:31 PM EDT

I'm getting into aquaponic gardening and I'm thinking of making my own system. So I would love some answers to some of these questions: -Do you know of any good DIY aquaponics systems that have 100+ gallons? -What are the best companies or groups that have the most efficient/affordable stuff to buy for an aquaponics system? -What fish grow best in SoCal in an aquaponics system? Where can I find said fish to purchase? -Are there any problems I may face that I should take into consideration in starting up my aquaponics system? What can I do to solve them? -Should I purchase a greenhouse for my aquaponics system? -I have pests in my backyard that would most likely destroy the plants I would grow. -Is buying a greenhouse the most effective way of keeping them out? -How big should my grow bed(s) be? -How large should my pump be? -What media is best to use for grow beds? If anyone could answer even one or two of these I would greatly appreciate it!

Los Angeles County California aquaponics

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There are several resources that you can use. I recommend contacting your local Extension agent for finding what fish grow best in southern California, more importantly what fish you can legally grow in the state of California and who can supply them. has an aquaponics group where people exchange information so it's a great resource for finding out what are the best types of grow media. There are several companies that produce aquaponic systems, numerous types of growing bed material and several ways to set it up. It really depends on your preferences, I would suggest, Pentair Aquatic Ecosystems. They can help answer your specific questions about pumps size, aeration, and filtration and even help you build a custom system.
We have several YouTube videos on setting up systems.