Asked July 23, 2015, 12:39 AM EDT

I so appreciate the availability of sound food processing methods and refer to OSU Ext. Svc. recipes whenever I do home canning. For health and other reasons, I am interested in naturally fermenting some of my foods. There is a large and growing community of fermenters, through which I find recipes and methods of lacto-fermention; however, OSU references to fermentation on the internet covers only cheese, beer and wine. I would love to have access to a collective knowledge base of sound science behind lacto-fermentation, just as the Master Preservers do with other forms of food preservation. Is there any plans by OSU to expand their fermentation sciences to food preservation via natural methods? This would give me more peace of mind than when I try recipes and methods from other sources.

Marion County Oregon

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I have to admit that we do have limited collective resources on lacto-fermentation of foods. The OSU Food Science and Technology Dept. is focusing on beer, wine and cheese at this time because of the potential for employment and entrepreneur opportunities for their students. I don't think the offerings for fermented foods have caught up with the demand yet.
There is some research going on at other universities and as that becomes finalized, they share their results, rec information for recommendations for published materials from other sources either.
We do hope to be able to respond to the interest in fermentation, but continue to seek resources ourselves.
I will check with our campus Food Science Department to see if they have recommendations for reference materials. They may not be readily available at this time of year. Some of them work an academic year because of the classes they teach.