What is this weed?

Asked July 22, 2015, 7:03 PM EDT

This weed has been spreading in my garden for the past few years. It reseeds and is turning up everywhere in the yard. And how can I control it?

Baltimore County Maryland plant identification

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This looks like hops. Put hops flowers into google image for verification. vw

This looks like hops. Put hops flowers into google image for verification. It can be controlled by glyphosate (RoundUp) or any broad leaf herbicide. Get it pulled up before it goes to seed. vw

It is definitely not hops. This is not a vine. It is an annual weed.
The photos show small clusters of 10 to 30 insignificant green flowers. This grows 3 or 4 feet tall max.

Sorry. Sometimes the most familiar plant immediately comes to mind. It looks like mulberry weed. Check http://www.invasive.org/weedcd/pdfs/mulberry.pdf for verification. vw

I am certain this is not Mulberry. We do get Mulberry ceilings in yarn but they tend to have a woody stem and a pretty good root. These weeds a fibrous root system and the stems don't become very woody.
Mulberry leaves tend to be glossy. These leaves are dull and slightly hairy.
and these weeds grow very quickly from one quarter inch high to 2 feet within a Week.

Mulberry weed is not the same as the seedlings of mulberry tree. Mulberry weed is the common name for Fatoua villosa. Take a look at the link we gave you, and put "mulberry weed" into Google images You'll see that mulberry weed is an annual, but a very big nuisance.


Thank you very much! It is nice to know that the villain has a name.
Thanks for helping me with this.