Yellow lawn

Asked July 22, 2015, 3:39 PM EDT

I am told by my landscaper that this area has a virus or bug problem that no matter if he fertilizes or not for is year lawns will be on the yellow side I drive thru my local area and it just doesn't t look like other people are having problems are there any such problems you have identified in our area

Franklin County Ohio

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Hello from Lake County. Your problem with your lawn could be anything from a fungus, to insects to your dog urinating on the front lawn. Without seeing your lawn it is impossible to diagnose your problem correctly. I suggest that you take a sample of the turf into your local extension office. Make sure you include some soil beneath the turf and some healthy turf next to the infected turf. The Franklin county office is located: 2105 South Hamilton Road, Suite 100 Columbus, Ohio 43232 Phone: 614-866-6900 Fax: 614-868-8280 If you are closer to one of the other counties like Delaware, Licking etc please feel free to utilize them