Oak tree starts to lose it leaves in June

Asked July 21, 2015, 12:56 PM EDT


We have an oak tree that has been experiencing some issues over the past 3 years. What we are seeing is that the tree puts on its leaves in mid to late May only to have them start dropping in late June. If you look at the tree you can see the leaves fall from the lower branches first and the remaining leaves at the top of the tree will stay on for another month or so. No other oaks on ours or the neighbors properties are doing this. Any idea on what may be happening here?



Otter Tail County Minnesota

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I'm sorry, but your photos don't show enough for me to make much more than a guess. My guess would be oak anthracnose:

Oak anthracnose can be confused with oak wilt:

Usually, oaks survive oak anthracnose. They don't survive oak wilt So you should have a certified arborist look at your tree - you want to make sure that oak wilt isn't the problem: