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Asked July 21, 2015, 10:40 AM EDT

Awhile back I'm sure I was able to log in here using a Twitter ID, and add to an answer by an expert. I've looked this morning, and don't see how I did that. I had wanted to add a possible answer to the rabbit damaging grass question. I see now only the ability for experts to log in. Has this changed, or what am I missing? Thank you very much.

Jefferson County Colorado support

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No, you do need to be an expert to receive these questions. What is your name/location and I can check to see if you did create an account. Thanks! Ruth

Thank you, Ruth. I'm sure I didn't actually set up an account. It was just, I think, putting my Twitter password in and being able to log in that way. I would not have used my real name and opened an account. Does that sound familiar?

I added to an answered question about fertilizer NPK ratios, saying that you can't find in stores what the experts say to use. For example, a low nitrogen number relative to the other numbers. Osmocote, Miracle gro, others will be for example, 14 14 14, or usually higher.

That's interesting that you were able to do that without setting up an account and being vouched by someone in the system. I'm going to forward this onto the tech folks to check out. Thanks! Ruth

Hi there,

At one time we did have the ability for non-Extension accounts to sign in using a social media account (like Twitter or Facebook.) That option allowed visitors to add comments to questions. However that option did not receive enough usage and we removed it from the application a few months ago. I hope that explanation helps.

Ruth, thank you for checking further for me, and Ben thank you for the answer. It is good to know I'm not losing it. :) It's fine with me, and understandable. It has only been twice that something occurred to me to add and use that feature. That is in at least during more than a year period. I'm not sure how long.