miniscule insects

Asked July 20, 2015, 8:00 PM EDT

When sitting outside I am being bitten by almost microsccopic bugs. They do not appear to fly. They have a brownish red hue and are ovid but pointed at both ends. They are literally too small to get a good look at even with a magnifying glass. Others have experience them as well, so I know I'm not crazy! I have examined plants in the vacinity and see no evidence of them or what might be adults.

Baltimore County Maryland insect identification

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Most biting pests can be seen without the aid of magnification.
Please see the attached publication from Penn Sate called 'Is Something Biting Me?' It offers information on possible pests as well as some medical conditions, materials in the environment, and medications that may cause a sensation that fees like insects biting or crawling on the skin. The publication mentions what you should and should not do. Also, look at our website and clover mites. They are tiny insects and reddish brown. They do not bite but feed on grasses and plants but do not damage them.