Invasion of JApanese beetle in Frederick, MD

Asked July 20, 2015, 6:21 PM EDT

Hi, I am having a very big invasion of the Japanese beetle in my yard and at my neighbors three too. Is there a phone line to call for any kind of fumigation by the department of agriculture or an agency that takes care of them? These are eating all the leaf of several big three in my home ant around the neighbors. Also my concern is that this beetle could keep growing and affect real farmers around here and not the mere flowers or trees in my garden. I will try to upload a picture, if it fail to do it, Can someone call me to my phone # 301-448-0681 and that way I can send it much faster. Thanks for any help or referral. Cordially, Oswald Pinott My address is at 1001 Seneca Dr, in Frederick, MD 21703.

Frederick County Maryland

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Frederick and Washington Counties have been hit the hardest with the Japanese beetle this summer. During dry summers, the soil is hard and compacted limiting adults to lay eggs in lawns,etc. The past two summers have been wet resulting in extremely high populations of adults. Expect next season to be the same.