Identifying the insect on my beans plants.

Asked July 20, 2015, 2:09 PM EDT

My beans vines which were very healthy got infected and chewed away by insects which are slightly bigger than bed bugs. (photo uploaded) Body of the insect is mustard and some are burnt orange and they have black spots on them with two whiskers. Can you please identify the insect? I sprayed the plants twice with Natria Neem oil pesticide by Bayer at 3 day intervals. The insects are very resistant to the pesticide. Finally I had to literally remove them physically and drown them in a bowl of water. They swam for several minutes and kept trying to climb out of the b owl. I had to throw them away so that they don't come back to my garden. Is there a more effective way of getting rid of them?

Frederick County Maryland

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From your description it appears that you have Mexican bean beetles.See the attached link.