Do you know what this is?

Asked July 20, 2015, 1:25 PM EDT

Hi...I have three of these plants growing in three of my raised bed vegetable gardens. I can not figure out what it first I thought they were marigold plants yet they kept getting larger and larger and never flowered. And the trunk or main stem is kind of like bambooish looking. Then I thought maybe they are some variety of okra because the main stem reminds me of and okra stem or main stalk.They are now about 3-4 feet high.I have tried to identify it , yet am having no luck.Here are some pictures, I hope you can tell me what they are and if they are plants that I should keep or remove. then you so much for our time,

Montgomery County Maryland

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This looks like ragweed. It would bloom in the fall at the same time as goldenrod, and is the one that makes everyones allergies go into overdrive. (Goldenrod does not, but often gets blamed.)
You should pull it.
Here is our page on it:

Many people mistake this plant for something desireable and allow it to grow, which is why we featured it on our Facebook page recently. If you are on FB, we welcome you to 'like' us at Home and Garden Information Center.