Tall sticky pasture weed

Asked July 19, 2015, 5:03 PM EDT

Grows to 3-4 feet on a single stock. Branches out at the top with blooms. Incredible sticky and gets all over whatever rubs against it. Any suggestions as to what it is called?

Columbia County Oregon

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The most common "sticky" pasture weed is called eyebright (Parentucellia viscosa). The height you describe is more than I usually see but at the edge of its upper height. Check out this link to see if it fits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parentucellia_viscosa . It is annual and starts anew from seeds every year. It is most abundant on pastures with poor grass cover (it needs bare space to germinate). Control involves strengthening the pasture and targeted herbicide treatment in early April or as soon as the weather permits. But herbicides won't be worth much unless the pasture is more vigorous. If you don't think this is the weed, send me a picture if you can at chip.bubl@oregonstate.edu . You can also call me in St. Helens at 503 397-3462

Chip Bubl Columbia County Extension Agent.