Gypsy Moth Infestation in Pike County

Asked July 19, 2015, 4:24 PM EDT

What are the most effective treatments for Gypsy Moth infestation, that are also protective of our forest animals, birds and plants?

Pike County Pennsylvania

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The most effective management of Gypsy Moth is through aerial applications of Bt (Bacillus thuringensis) a bio-control and certified organic product that only impact caterpillars when they are small. Bt does not impact other species (humans and wildlife). it is a natural soil borne bacterium that kills caterpillars only.

In order to be effective, large blocks of land should be sprayed by helicopter or fixed wing craft in early May (just after leaf out and hatch of gypsy moth). DCNR Forestry does coordinate with Counties for land-owner cost share spraying. The county needs to opt-in and coordinate the program and DCNR then helps to develop the spray contracts. Landowners pay a portion of the cost at a per acre fee. or