Blue Spruce Problem

Asked July 18, 2015, 6:57 PM EDT

I have something wrong with the top of one of my blue spruce trees as shown on the attached photo. This is a beautiful 10-foot tall blue spruce. I have two other blue spruce tress nearby that are not affected. Can you tell me what is wrong and how to treat it? Should I cut off the top of the tree and spray for insects/disease? What spray should I use and when and how often should it be applied. I am concerned that if the top is cut off that the tree will not grow taller.

Douglas County Colorado

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We do not recommend cutting off the top of the blue spruce. Tussock moth has been showing up in the Douglas County area. It is possible that your Blue Spruce is showing early signs of the Tussock Moth. It is recommended that you keep watching the tree and if the symptoms keep progressing or start on surrounding trees to call a local arborist and have them examine the tree. I have attached a link listed below that will help you find a certified arborist. If there is no further signs of continued tree damage, it could be from the cold snap we had in November of 2014. In that case just make sure the tree gets plenty of water over the next few months and throughout winter so it can recover.