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Asked July 18, 2015, 12:06 AM EDT

Can I find safe recipes that are actual meals for vegetarians to can? Why can I not can food like ravioli,?Chef Boy R Dee does it. I would like to be able to can meals that do not contain many of the chemicals that many processed foods contain and still be able to grab something quick to take to work. I know that freezing is an option, but freezer space is limited and the short amount of time that things stay in the freezer and keep their quality is not ideal.

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There are a couple of reasons you can't can ravioli. When it comes to home canning 1) Pasta does not can well at all. It becomes very mushy and watery. 2) There is no research based recipe determining how long it would have to be in the canner. And if there was it would be not very appetizing because of the poor quality if any quality at all.

Chef Boy R Dee can do it because they aren't using home canners but use a whole different canning system called retorts.

I understand that your freezer space is limited but that is the best option for such foods.

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