Getting eaten alive in Trinidad

Asked July 17, 2015, 11:52 AM EDT

I live on a suburban street in Trinidad. The mosquitos are so bad that I am getting bitten all day and night even inside a house that has screens! Just this morning at 9am, I went outside with bug spray on to water my potted flowers. I was bitten several times through my clothes and on sprayed areas of my body. To make matters worse there is a plague of grasshoppers...thousands of them eating all the foliage and jumping everywhere!!
What can be done? Please help me with this distressing situation... Thank you

Las Animas County Colorado mosquitoes

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To protect yourself from mosquitoes, the best things to do are use an effective repellent, wear light-colored clothing, and avoid being outdoors during times of peak mosquito activity (evening and nighttime). The Environmental Protection Agency has a website ( that will help select the best repellent for your needs.

The other aspect of mosquito problems is to reduce the number of mosquitoes in a given area. There are some steps that individuals can take to reduce mosquito abundance around the home. See the website for details. This site emphasizes prevention of West Nile virus, but the same approaches also are used to prevent nuisance mosquitoes.

In some cases, city and/or county governments have mosquito control programs, which can be more effective because they are conducted over a much larger area than around an individual home. You might contact the Las Animas County Health Department regarding the problems you are experiencing.