judas tree plant leaves disease diagnosis?

Asked July 17, 2015, 8:14 AM EDT

i planted judas tree early in spring this year feb 2015 (Delhi,INDIA), germinated during april. the tree was growing slow but ok until june,when i saw holes in leaves. the temperature were above 40 C , so i kept the plants away form direct sunlight. now the temperature is below 30 C and rainy but the problem has just worsened. all other plants during monsoon are growing fast and healthy.

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I am not familiar with the plant you are calling Judas tree. However, it appears from the picture that it has been damaged by some insect feeding. We call this symptom window-paning, when an insect chews and only the epidermis of the leaves remains. Look on the underside of the leaves in the evening or early morning for any larvae or small caterpillar or beetle that might be responsible.
There also appear to be some dark spots that might be plant disease, caused by a bacterium or fungus, but I cannot tell for sure without seeing a sample. You may want to avoid water directly on the leaves, as many pathogens need a film of water to move or infect leaves.

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