What is the way to eradicate Tree of Heaven after the tree has been choppped down?

Asked July 16, 2015, 1:18 PM EDT

We live in Clark County in Vancouver, WA. Last summer our neighbors chopped down an old tree of heaven (truck appx 32" in diameter) and we chopped down 6 suckers (appx 5" diameter) close to the main tree (as well as many smaller suckers throughout the yard. We applied Ferti-loam Cut Vine & Stump killer Triclopyr 3-5-6 Tricholoro-2-Pyridinlovyuacetic acid as triethylgamine salt (8%) to the cut stumps immediately. The roots continue to sucker. I've been digging up clumps of white suckers emerging from the roots near the trunks as well as suckers off the roots throughout the yard (up to 25' away) by cuting the root & treating them with the sump killer. Would using a spray herbicide on the sucker be more effective at this point? Any suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks for your help. Best regards, Margo

Clark County Washington

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Tree of Heavon is a mess, yes, you really need to watch for them and kill them before they spread all through surrounding area. Try girdling the sprouts and let the trees die off first before you cut them down. Simple take a prunig saw and ring the bark all around the tree. The tree will die in a week. Then after you are very sure it is dead you can cut it down. I like your idea of the triclopyr but it has to be appled as soon as you turn off the chain saw. Call me if you need to chat.