pumpkins and cateloupes

Asked July 15, 2015, 11:45 PM EDT

In your article you say that pumpkins and canteloupe will not cross pollinate that is untrue mine did last year and did it without waiting for seeds of the following year they diid it in the same growing season the outside looked like canteloupe skin but they were huge like pumpkins when you cut them open there were seeds like a pumpkin but looked and smelled more like that of a canteloupe when tasted it was just bland neither canteloupe or a pumpkin taste

Grant County Washington

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They list which plants can pollinate each other. According to this article, cantaloupes cannot cross-pollinate with pumpkins. However, all muskmelons (like cantaloupe) can cross-pollinate with cucumbers. I wonder if that is what caused your strange fruit?