I am making a new landscape garden to cover my septic tank covers in my front...

Asked July 15, 2015, 3:46 PM EDT

I am making a new landscape garden to cover my septic tank covers in my front yard. After removing the sod and laying the edging pavers I was told to round up the grass that remained, add peat moss and till it. Unfortunately I did not read the weed killer label and used the extended one to three month weed control. I was ready to cry as I was ready to plant in the next few days. I used Sprectracide Weed and Grass Extended control with a gentle spray to cover the weeds and grass. I did not soak the ground. The next when I realized my mistake, I had my son blade off the top inches where he could with his 4 wheeler and blade. We removed that dirt. In most of the spots where I saw remaining dead grass, I tried to skim off the top inch or two, it hadn't rained yet. The next day my brother tilled it up with peat moss added. I don't want to go ahead and plant it if it's not a good idea to do so at this time. It will be planted with sun perennials and a few bushes and butterfly plants. What would you suggest I do? Is the there a way to test the soil? Is it better any way to wait to plant because it's mid-July? I would like to have it in by Labor Day. Should a plant a few plants in places that I think didn't get the soil removed for a test? Any help is greatly appreciated. I still can't believe I did! My cell phone number is 651.307.5502 if you need to contact me by phone. Thanks in advance, Barb Ginther

Dakota County Minnesota

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Oops! I'm afraid you are stuck with the 3 month waiting period specified on the label. This product contains both a preemergent and a systemic herbicide. So seeds won't start and plants will die. The label offers one option within that 3 month window: dig a hole, plant a plant, then fill with good potting soil. Put the soil you dug somewhere else. This page has a link to the label:

You might try sowing some seeds in October, which would give an early start for next year. If you tried for Labor Day, you should be prepared for some (or even total) failure. Here is a good reference on what to grow around septic systems: