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Asked July 15, 2015, 12:47 AM EDT

how do the judges rate the eggs? what do they look for in an egg? what is a good egg (no pun intended-haha)?
Also, if the eggs have not been refrigerated, are they still good after the judging? It would be difficult for us to give up a full dozen of eggs that could otherwise feed our family. Maybe they could consider making it a 1/4 or 1/3 dozen eggs in the future, displayed in a partial carton???

Baltimore County Maryland 4-h

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Hello, is this question about the Baltimore County fair? If so, is it for a 4-Her or is it for someone entering in the open class?

it is for a 4Her in the Baltimore County Fair. Sorry I didn't specify, I thought that was what this site was for.

Thank you for the clarification - I'll pass it on to a 4-h expert! For future reference, you can ask any ag or home horticulture question here :)

Judging criteria for all classes at Maryland fairs are set by the Maryland Association of Agricultural Fairs and Shows. You can look at the criteria for these classes at . All judges that are certified to judge at Maryland shows have been trained on these criteria. As for the number of eggs being exhibited that is an issue that in Baltimore County would need to be discussed with the department superintendent and the fair board that sets the class rules for the show.
From a food safety perspective I would recommend that eggs that have been entered in the fair for judging should not be used as they will be on display at the fair for close to a week in a building that is not air conditioned. For more information about food safety I would suggest calling your local extension office and speaking with the food safety educator.

I hope that this is helpful