What is growing in this area right now that is loaded with pollen? Moved here...

Asked July 14, 2015, 11:38 AM EDT

What is growing in this area right now that is loaded with pollen? Moved here a few years ago from East Tennessee Valley and I suffer from allergies but not ever like this.

Lucas County Ohio

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Hi Lucas County, This is an interesting question. We live in Fayette county and we have a lot of things blooming at the present time. I would guess with the current weather trends that you are experiencing more from grass pollen and mold spores from the recent excess rainfall. The weather report today from the Columbus area stated that we have had about five inches more rain than the usual from the record books. That would mean that mold from a lot of different sources would be plentiful. We have 40 acres or more of CREP (conservation reserve) land across the road that has had a lot of blooming wildflowers in it right now. I wouldn't consider them to have too much air borne pollen to get into the wind. I would think that grass pollen would be getting into the air because that is usually how grasses are pollinated. In a week or so in your area you should have a lot of field corn and sweet corn that will be tasseling and the pollen will be in the wind. If you drive through the country with the windows open, you will soon experience the scent of corn in tassel. On a calm warm day it is really strong.

I suppose the best thing to do is to see someone who can identify what you are allergic to and get you started on some sort of treatment program. In our area there are a lot of people who take an antihistamine year round. There are a lot of allergens in Ohio and maybe you aren't used to them yet.

In review, we have black eyed susans, brown eyed susans, thistles, bee balm, day lillies, milkweed. We don't have ragweed yet as it is a little early for that.

Best bet is to see an ENT and get some relief. DON