what causes premature pods to dry without seeds inside while the plant is...

Asked July 14, 2015, 3:06 AM EDT

what causes premature pods to dry without seeds inside while the plant is still green in beans?All the pods dry prematurely without seeds, please i request for solution

Outside United States

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Can you send pictures of the plant (leaves, pods (inside and out) and describe the growing conditions? Also what species and variety of bean is it?

Hello, thanks for your concern. Attached find the picture of the beans. The beans grew very well but as soon as it started podding, the pods started drying without seeds inside despite giving all the required inputs. i suspected soil problems but would like experts advice


Without seeing a sample I cannot really tell what kind of bean it is and what the conditions are. However, I can tell you that beans which need support on trellis type systems, sometimes called "pole beans" are very susceptible to changes in weather. Very warm, or hot weather, especially when dry, will affect the ability of the beans to set seed. Then the flat pods dry and there are no beans. I suspect this may be the issue with these plants. However, you may also want to check the fertility of the soil, and try to add some organic matter to the soil. A soil test would be the best thing to give you more information.


Hello, Thank you for your response to my question. i also suspected the issues are with the soils and a proper soil test have to be done. The beans i planted were not climbing type but short dry type locally bred from our research institution. They included; KAT B1, KAT X-56,KAT B9 & GLP 1004. Once more, thanks