Heat stress

Asked July 14, 2015, 1:47 AM EDT

what is the best method for feeding the cows (either feed composition & number of meals )that preferable to be offered to the cows during heat stress if the temperature is over 45 c and humidity 70%.?
also what is the best management steps to be followed to reduce the cumulative effect of heat stress in this above mentioned atmosphere?

Outside United States

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Where are you located and what types of feed ingredients are you feeding?/

45 Celsius and 70% humidity puts your cows in Severe heat stress. Are you using fans and misting water to help cool your cows? Remember ask a cow eats she generates heat from the inside out. Since cows can not sweat like humans or horses we need to provide them with ways to reduce body temperature. Providing fans and misting, lots of clean, fresh cold water for drinking, shade, maximum air flow in a barn to reduce stale air. If you have a grazing herd you will notice cows will graze when it is cooler, early morning or late at night. If humidity and heat doesn't break at night it can greater reduce milk production and reproduction. A vet once taught me that even after the sun goes down it could take hours and even while after midnight for a cows body temperature to return closer to normal. Remember feeds that are higher in concentrates generate more heat in the rumen and thus can generate more body heat. If you have more questions please respond back to me. Hope this helps