Crabapple problem

Asked July 13, 2015, 2:20 PM EDT

We have a large crabapple tree that we have been trying to save for several seasons. We have fed it each season with Bayer tree food, taken all the dead leaves away at the end of the season, and sprayed it with fungicide the past two seasons. It looks better this season, but it still is losing it's leaves. They turn yellow, have spots, and fall. Our fruit has something orange growing on some of them that looks like little tiny pom poms which cover the entire apple. Not all of the fruit is covered, but about a third of it is. Please help us PS, it says I can attach a file; I wanted to include a picture, but there was no place to attach a file. Please let us know if we can email it to you separately Thank you Sandra Lander

Berks County Pennsylvania

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Hi Sandra:
From your description, it sounds like the tree has cedar apple rust (the orange stuff on the fruit, it also gets on leaves and twigs) and possibly apple scab. Though you had treated with a fungicide, your timing could have been off.

This link has more detail on diseases of crabapples.

The tree we are speaking about is large. We tried to spray it at those recommended times, but we think we didn't get the entire tree. Can you recommend anyone in the Reading, Pottstown area who could professionally spray our tree next spring?

I cannot make company recommendations in my position. (Also, I don't cover that area so I'm not familiar with the companies.) If you have a copy of the yellow pages, I would look for 2-3 companies who do tree work. Look for companies that ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborists on staff. The company add should state this. Pennsylvania does not require a state license to work on trees; so I have people look for these individuals who have undergone training on their own.