Beetle larve Infestation

Asked July 13, 2015, 12:53 PM EDT

Hi, I've been growing string beans in my home garden for three years now and each year I get inundated with these apparent beetle larvae that excessively eat the plant leaves. I have not tried any type of pesticide to date without having the identity of the pest known. I tried this year to net my plants till they began to flower but that didn't help. The pests apparently start as a series of yellow dots on the underside of the leaves and grow from that and appear to eventually morph into a yellow-w/black spots beetles similar to a lady bug. I still get a reasonable crop from the plants but their growing cycle is stunted. Obviously its too late for this crop but a food-safe preventative treatment for the future would be of great appreciation. Photos attached with thanks. Stan

Harford County Maryland

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This is a young stage of a garden pest called the Mexican Bean Beetle.

Take a look at this pest profile page from our website:

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