Goat Farming?

Asked July 13, 2015, 9:08 AM EDT

Last year I attended the Small Farmers Conference at ASU were information was presented on goat farming. I would like to speak with someone on the topic; is there someone that you can put me in contact with?


1 Response

Thank you for your request. The person that I know of working with goats at Alcorn University is Gregory Reed. He should be able to help you get in touch with someone there to help you. He has moved up into administration but his contact information is:

Gregory Reed

Interim Extension Administrator
ASU Extension Program
tel: 601-877-6128

Another person that may be able to help would be Anthony Reed who is the director of the Small Farms Program there. His contact information is:

Anthony Reed

Director, Small Farm Outreach Project

Email: areed@lorman.alcorn.edu

Business Phone: 601-877-2305

If you have questions we can help provide the answers here but local help is always the best so I recommend talking to either Gregory or Anthony to find a local person as they know the environment, markets, and people in your area better than someone from another state.