Several weeks ago a tree trimming group came to the neighborhood ( after a...

Asked July 13, 2015, 12:15 AM EDT

Several weeks ago a tree trimming group came to the neighborhood ( after a tree had split and fell ) I did agree to have them trim the dead branches from my White and red oak trees. My neighbors and I confirmed that dead branches could be cut. All was good until the beginning of this week. My red oak tree started to drop leaves and now a great deal have fallen and half of the leaves still on the tree are drying; I asked about painting the area where the branches were cut but they said it didn't need to be done. Does this stress for the trees? or does it sound like Oak wilt? I do have 5 other large oak trees in the backyard next to this tree. What do I dod?

Anoka County Minnesota

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It is possible that your trees were infected with oak wilt since it sounds like the tree trimming occurred during spring/early summer. Oak wilt is most easily spread April-June. Red oak are especially susceptible. I would recommend hiring an arborist to evaluate the situation and provide recommendations for your trees. If your city has an arborist on staff, you could see if they consult with individual residents. The link to the website below provides information about common problems with oak trees. You can see if what you are seeing is consistent with oak wilt or something else. Typically leaves turn brown from the outer edges first and progress inward in the situation of oak wilt. This next link provides further information on hiring an arborist.