Asked July 12, 2015, 9:51 AM EDT

my orchid Plant has got roots coming from the main stands of the regrowth

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This is a dendrobium orchid that grows naturally in tropical areas clinging to trees. These aerial roots you are seeing growing from the nodes on the stems is just natural to this orchid. There is no problem. You can mist these roots. These roots will absorb water from the air or mist.

You can also stake the orchid stem to a pole made cedar and the roots will grow around the stake. This is not necessary but just fun to watch those roots grow around the wood. If you cannot find a cedar stake, you can make one by splitting one off a cedar fence plank. I see currently, you have painted bamboo stakes. The roots will not grow around bamboo stakes unless you cover the bamboo stakes with sphagnum moss.

There a several orchid societies around Texas and other states where people get together to discuss orchids and share information about growing orchids. Fun groups who love to share. Email me back where you live and I will check to see if there is an orchid society here you