problems with tomatoes and cucumbers

Asked July 12, 2015, 8:12 AM EDT

Every year our tomatoes and cucumbers grow to maturity, and produce blossoms and small fruit, then suddenly wither and seem to need water. In just a few days, the plants die. Despite our changing location around our yard, this same thing happens every year. We have composted, fertilized, used humus,but nothing corrects the problem. Our soil is clay if you dig down about 6". Any ideas about what is causing this, or how to correct the problem? Kathleen A. Mertz 50 Spike Blue Hollow Rd. Danville, Pa 17821 We had our soil tested several years ago, and the only suggestion was to use urea. This didn't help.

Montour County Pennsylvania

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Six inches is shallow for garden soil, but your problem may be disease. In the last couple of years, late blight has hit tomatoes pretty hard. The plants wither and die in a few days, and the fruit rots on the vine. It is now mid July. Are you experiencing this problem yet? If so, can you send some pictures of the plants in question?