using hoop houses to extend your growing season

Asked July 11, 2015, 10:06 PM EDT

Hi I'm interested in learning more about how best to utilize my hoop house. I have a 12wx26lx7h hoop house with 6mil plastic, there are two rows in it and they have hoops that go over them as well. I have a thick shade cloth, frost cover, and some extra 6mil plastic that I can use over the smaller hoops inside.
When and what should I plant in the Fall for a last harvest? When and what seeds can I plant that will remain dormant through winter and come up in the Spring?
I found an article online that mentioned Jack Middleton, of Michigan State University Extension, teaching a workshop regarding this topic. I was wondering if there's any printed information, book? pamphlet? Or if there's any information online that you can direct me to?

Grand Traverse County Michigan

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Hoop houses (aka high tunnels) are a good way to start an early growing season or extend a season in the fall. Below is a link to information provided by John Biernbaum from MSU. In this article you find recommendations for successful growing in a hoop house as well extension of growing time for warm season and cool season crops. Note that there are many links to other sites which you may find to be valuable resources.

Hope that helps and happy gardening!