hello ive been growing my plants for a few days now the first of them...

Asked July 11, 2015, 7:16 PM EDT

hello ive been growing my plants for a few days now the first of them sprouted on the 8th of this month and i looked in the pots today and saw some orange growth in the soil should i be worried about this and is there any way to treat it the growth is over the white fertilizer rocks that came in the soil and some small bumps maybe a milimeter or less are growing in the soil itself if you have an ideas on what this might be please get back to me as soon as possible i attempted to take a picture but my camera is to low quality to pick up the problem

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Without seeing the pots, it's hard to say with any certainty, but here is a link to a factsheet on plant pathologies and #E under "Management" notes yellow crusting and it's relation to accumulation of salts. You mention fertilizer "rocks" in your question, so there may be a connection (fertilizers are chemically related to "salts"). You can remove the bits of orange growth and when you water the pots be sure to water enough that some water (10% is a good rule of thumb) comes out the bottom of the pot. Watering a little bit frequently can cause a build up of salts in potted plant soil, so letting a bit of water run through each time will help reduce that accumulation, if that is the problem. If the plants don't seem to be affected by it, don't worry about it.