summer pruning of apple trees- home orchard

Asked July 10, 2015, 3:36 PM EDT

Hi do you have a publication that addresses the issue of how to summer prune apple trees- home orchard? When I search the catalogue I am told that the publication is out of date and refers me to a website- which appears to be a circular dead end route!

Benton County Oregon

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Here is the link to a very informative paper that was done in 2008. This paper notes some benefits of Summer pruning. There are also several other publications referred to in this paper that I believe you will find useful. This next link will provide a very nice and easy to understand guide to pruning. I find this paper to be pretty helpful when I am preparing to prune. I use it as a refresher before I start pruning. When I am looking for a specific horticulture topic on Google I try to 1) keep it simple; 2) always end my search topic with “,Oregon” 3) and only use “.edu” or “.gov” sites. An example is “Summer Pruning Apple Trees, Oregon”. This query provided several OSU links that had information on the topic. If you are pruning more than one tree I suggest you sanitize your pruners when you move to the next tree. I use rubbing alcohol that I have in a spray bottle. Sanitizing will preclude spreading diseases from one tree to the next.

Thanks Don.

This is a great sheet . Thanks.

IF u can have the OSU website folks include it as part of the references referred to at the bottom of the info sheet.

pLS NOTE that when I go to the first website that you refer to

- at the bottom is listed the following website- which has Out of date stamped across it.