Tomato supports

Asked July 10, 2015, 3:19 PM EDT

By ignoring the sage advice provided herein I bought tomato cages from home depot instead of making my own and in spite of buying the biggest they had my tomatoes are rapidly growing way higher than the cages. i am a rookie at this and am not sure what to expect as they continue to grow, should I be concerned? I think my biggest fear is the stems will flop down over the edge of the cages and break off. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Consider it a learning experience. Many people provide additional support by driving long stakes or pipes into the ground adjacent to the tomato cage and tying the upper growth to the stakes. A tripod arrangement in the shape of a 'teepee' may provide the required support. You can also prune tomato plants. Select those suckers or stems that have no flowers and remove them. This can also improve air circulation and help to avoid fungal disease.
On the other hand, the vines may survive the trauma of growing over the edge.
I hope you have you a bumper crop.