rules on buying herbicides

Asked July 10, 2015, 10:21 AM EDT

What are the rules regarding buying herbicide for personal pasture use ?

Freestone County Texas

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If it is a restricted use herbicide, then you would need a private applicator license to purchase. If you have a license already, then just purchase and follow the label. If you do not currently have a license, you can sign up in your local extension office to attend a training class or get info there to train online. Then, after your training is complete, you would need to test at a PSI facility and pass the 100 question exam. After passing, you send your paperwork in to TDA and they will issue you a license that is good for 5 years to purchase chemicals. You would need to gain 15 CEU credits over this 5 year period to maintain that license for another 5 years after that and so on. If you have specific questions, call my office at 254-729-5314 and we can explain in detail. Thanks