Common Night Shade/Solanum Nigrum plant

Asked July 10, 2015, 10:06 AM EDT

I am growing "Common Night Shade/Solanum Nigrum" plant in containers to use it as greens in my cooking. They are infested by small tiny insects which cling to the leaves underneath. Initially I used an organic pesticide "Neem oil" by Bayer company. It didn't work. I am afraid that my other vegetable plants will get infected by these insects (Photo uploaded). Please let me know the name of these insects.

Secondly my cucumber plant leaves are turning yellow and wilting at the bottom(Photo uploaded) How can I stop this from progressing.

Frederick County Maryland

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The insect pest looks like aphids, a sucking insect. See the attached link for more information and control

Cucumbers - Here are some considerations. The containers looks small and can limit growth and yield. You need at least a 3 gallon container and up to 5 gallons. Make sure the water is draining and not collecting water. Cucumbers grow best in full sun. The plants may need to be fertilized lightly every two weeks for a continuous harvest. See our publication on container vegetable gardening. mh