Options for sanitizing farm harvest bins and food prep equipment

Asked July 9, 2015, 5:52 PM EDT

Hi there! I am trying research options for sanitizing my field harvest containers and other equipment associated with harvesting, washing and packing food for direct sales. I keep seeing the mention of "approved sanitizers" for keeping all food contact surfaces clean, but no list! I've seen once source mention diluted bleach, but heard mention of other options like hydrogen peroxide and even grapeseed extract being used on farms or in food service areas for sanitizing. Can you point me to an updated resource that lists specific examples of approved products?

Multnomah County Oregon food processing organic sanitizer

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Here’s an eXtension post on this subject , there’s a list at the end: http://www.extension.org/pages/18355/approved-chemicals-for-use-in-organic-postharvest-systems#.Val2...

Here is an article from Minnesota Small Farms on cleaning and sanitizing tools: http://safety.cfans.umn.edu/files/2012/08/Cleaning-Sanitizing-Tools-Feb2.pdf

Garry Stephenson
OSU Small Farms Program

Hi Garry,

Thanks so much for your response, and for the publication links. I imagine that most agriculture and EPA departments adopt similar standards across state lines. Do you know if the organic certifiers are ultimately answerable to the state when it comes to the products (in this case sanitizers) that they prefer to be used?

Thanks again!
Genevieve Flanagan

Hi Genevieve,
The organic standards are established at the federal level by the National Organic Program (NOP). All organic certifiers use the same standards.