how to let a rambler take the place of the grafted rose

Asked July 8, 2015, 4:09 PM EDT

Ok here is the scenario...i just took over my mother's place. and she had a rose bush on the corner..we had a really hard winter, and the plow accidentally knocked into the rose bush where it was buried under 5 feet of snow...i am not sure what the bush my mom had before but, i have long skinny canes growing out, about 3 of them about 5 feet...and then i have smaller shoots which i assume are from the original bush..i have not gotten any buds from either...and the smaller canes leaves are different then the longer canes. when the plow hit the bush, most of the canes were broken right down to the root top or whatever it is everything i have now is new question is ..i have heard Dr Huey is usually used for grafting roses..and i would not mind having that as my rose my question is how do i get rid of the other bush and usually how long till i see roses on the long caned rose bush

Cayuga County New York

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Lots of roses have been used for grafting. We cannot say which one was used for your rose. Nor can we say for sure how long it will take for yours to bloom. If there is a portion that you do not want, just keep cutting those portions off. vw