Idnetifying an apple variety

Asked July 8, 2015, 9:44 AM EDT

At my family's farm in Lawrence County, we used to have two apple trees. We called the apples 'farm apples' but the trees died. We discovered another apple tree back on a hill. I want to identify the variety so we can plant more. The apples are light green with gold speckling and some light red around the stem or down a side of the apple. The apple itself is fairly tart. Can you help? Thanks!

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Hmm, there are hundreds of different Apple varieties. Apple trees can start from seeds dropped by birds, wind, etc. over the years their characteristics change so I can't guarantee a definite variety identification. However, I will do my best. If possible, to better help me I would need to see a picture of the apple or if you could bring in a sample to the office that would be better. Call the office so we can figure something out. 6066739495. Thank you for contacting me.