Asked July 7, 2015, 12:21 PM EDT

My pumpkin plant is growing outside the boundaries of my garden into the yard. Will it harm the production of pumpkins if I trim the ends of the plant that is in my yard as long as there are blooms on the other vines in the garden in the same plant?

Clackamas County Oregon

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By cutting the vine you are reducing the number of leaves that will be producing the sugar for the fruit creation (and a pumpkin is a fruit.) It won't really hurt the plant but it's likely new shoots will grow. Depending on the variety of pumpkin, could you consider training the vine up a trellis structure? I've had good luck with "growing vertical" to allow for a lot of green growth without taking up too much space. This works better for small pumpkins (better for pie!) If these are for jack-o-lanterns, you can still go up, but you may want to keep the pumpkins that are close to the crown and then pinch off the flowers (they are edible!) so the plant focuses the energy into the two or three pumpkins and they get larger.