Sweet Taters

Asked July 7, 2015, 11:17 AM EDT

Morning, this is about sweet taters. This is the first year I have ever had them grow where the deer and rabbits have not cleaned them out before they grew. This year they are growing like,, like,, well they are really growing. Now there is not to much on the web ,that I can find at least, about growing sweet potato's in this area, Washington County. What I want to find out is when to harvest them, I only have about 24 slips planted, so Im not really hopeful for any large yield. Also from what I have read they have to be cured for several weeks before they can be used,, HOW? What is the best way for someone with out a lot of knowledge or space to do stuff. Thanks a bunch Gene Kelly

Washington County Pennsylvania

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Here are two university publications about growing sweet potatoes. The time to harvest is at or right before your first frost in the fall. They do not have to be cured to be eaten; however, curing does improve the taste and allows for storage.



I am including a link to Penn State's Vegetable Gardening book which can help you with other growing projects: