Tomatoes not giving fruit

Asked July 7, 2015, 10:07 AM EDT

I have tomatoes planted in my beds and when I planted the plants, I added about a teaspoon of organic fertilizer mix. The plants are now huge, but they are not blooming very much and have only put out a few fruit. I don't know if the soil is missing something or if they are having some other problem. The foliage is lush green and the stems are strong so I don't think that they have some disease. Can you advise me on what may be missing? Thanks


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Reasons for no fruit include too much nitrogen fertilizer ( this does not seem to be the case); High or low temperatures (poor pollination/aborted fruits with temperature extremes; and limited sunlight. If the plants receive less than 5 hours of sun and are spaced too closely this may be an issue.

Also, if you have had a lot of rain you may be dealing with botrytis (gray mold). The pedicels (blossom stems) look pinched or withered. Look for this. All you can do is wait for weather to improve. See our publication on tomatoes which lists symptoms and possible causes
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