Asked July 6, 2015, 10:26 PM EDT

How do I eradicate adelgid from hemlock trees? How effective is the s. tsugae beetle?

York County Pennsylvania

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Here is some advice for homeowners from the National Park Service.
Should homeowners use biocontrol beetles? According to Forestry Technician Jesse Webster, no. “The best, most effective [and] economical control of hemlock woolly adelgids,” he said, is “systemic treatment [such as soil drenching], not biological control with beetles.” Beetles work best in a huge forested landscape, because they work over several years as the beetle population grows and establishes itself. The most cost-efficient treatment for most homeowners is soil-drenching with chemicals available at most hardware or garden supply stores, or from a private tree-treatment company.

NPS Profile: The beetle vs. the adelgid

I asked the ranger from our conservation district about my hemlocks, and he recommended a soil drench with a product called Safari. I noticed that the tsugae beetle is still in the testing stage at several universities and natural resources conservancies.