vole and chipmunk eradication

Asked July 6, 2015, 8:41 PM EDT

what to use to get rid of voles and chipmunks?

Trigg County Kentucky

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Voles can be very hard to control. We don't have any poisons labeled to control chipmunks or voles in KY and there aren't any repellents that have been proven to work. A few options we have: we can trap them, in the links below FOR-41 explains some of the option there. We can modify their habitat, in a garden or crop field this may mean tillage in a yard it might mean removing mulch from nearby trees or removing thatch build up where damage is occurring. We can also try to exclude them from areas we don't want them in (hardware cloth buried along a fence or around a plant). There may be other options for other crops check with your local extension office for more information.