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Asked July 6, 2015, 11:08 AM EDT

what is the name of this plant, and is it edible?

Fond du Lac County Wisconsin honeysuckle plant identification horticulture

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Dear gardener,

Thanks for contacting us. Your photo appears to be one of the many honeysuckle species. The only native species in North America is Lonicera diervilla; however, I believe your is one of the invasive varieties. The berries are not considered edible. If the plant is on your property, I encourage you to destroy it before the berries ripen and can be spread by wildlife.

This video from Wisconsin Extension will provide some information about the invasive species:

Additional information can be found at: https://www.uwgb.edu/biodiversity/herbarium/invasive_species/lonxbe01.htm

Also, I have attached a file which may help you identify the invasive species which have berries in pairs. Berries and flowers vary in color, but the native honeysuckle is the only one with yellow flowers and up to 7 berries in a cluster.

Thank you Lynne for your expertise. Though I can appreciate the survival qualities of the invasive honeysuckle plants, I hope their success doesn't squeeze out other species.
Steve Kuphal

You are very welcome, Steve. Just as a footnote, plants are generally classified as invasive only when they present a problem economically (ie to commercial agriculture) or environmentally (displacing native and non-aggressive plants.) The non-native honeysuckles have been classified as invasive in a number of states and provinces for these reasons.