Mystery Squash

Asked July 6, 2015, 8:50 AM EDT

Hello, I sent a message a while ago about mystery plants growing in my plot in a shared garden, and you appeared to have correctly identified them as some kind of squash. It turns out that they are actually three different kinds of squash, but now that they have fruited I am uncertain what kind. I have attached pictures of the fruit. Are you able to identify what type of squash these are? Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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"Mystery' squash is an apt, and better yet, you can name them yourself!
We don't know what they are, but think that if if they just showed up, they are a new type of your very own... a natural cross of whatever you were growing last year when the pollinators moved the pollen amongst plants.
They should be edible. (If you were growing gourds, eat when young and small)