Colorado Potato Beetle v. Ladybird Eggs

Asked July 5, 2015, 9:47 PM EDT

How can I tell the difference between these two insect eggs? One website I saw said the ladybird eggs are elongated. Another site said ladybird eggs are dark reddish orange and the CO potato beetle eggs are yellow, smaller and flatter. I'm confused and when I hand pick, I want to make sure I don't just kill everything. Thanks. Sherry

Montgomery County Maryland

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If you see adult Colorado potato beetles or their larvae on a potato plant (or tomato plant) and you find yellow clusters of eggs on the underside of the potato leaves, assume that the eggs are those of the Colorado potato beetle and destroy them.
On the other hand, ladybird beetles are more prone to lay their eggs on plants that are most often attacked by aphids.
Typically, ladybird beetle eggs are more yellow than orange, and the CO potato beetle eggs are more orange than yellow....but, there are variations. Yours is a rather common question.
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