Bird mite infestation on human

Asked July 5, 2015, 8:22 PM EDT

I have a bird mite infested workplace, car, and home. Exterminated and fumigated but no luck. Now I have them under my skin. Can't get rid of them. Moved out of house 30 days ago and took ALL furniture and belongings to dump. Moving into new cars and motels ever two days to keep from infesting them. Wearing new clothes every day that have been kept in ziplock bags. Permethrin cream works for one day and then they are back.

Montgomery County Texas

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Bird mites can bite, but they are ectoparasites (external biters). This means that they do not burrow or live under the skin. They also do not hitchhike and infest cars, or other places of work. Bird mites live in bird nests, occasionally leaving the nests due to overcrowding or when birds leave the nest. They cannot survive on human or pet blood, so their life span is limited once the nest is removed. For more information, see: You should talk to your doctor about possible causes for your perceptions of biting sensations other than mites or insects.

The mites came into our facility through a donated couch from a store room. After 60 days we found a pile of feathers and a pile of pepper parasites under a cushion.

we never saw anything before that but were bitten continually until an exterminator found some with an ultraviolet light.

i am sending some pictures.

I see no evidence of mites in these images. I can appreciate your belief, and possibly some your frustration; however based on your description it is highly unlikely that you are infested with mites. See for information on mystery bug bites.

I think I can say that what ever the white specks are, that they are stinging me. The infested my phone causing double ear infections, my laptop, etc. They are now causing red welps on me arms and torso.