baby rose hair

Asked July 5, 2015, 2:56 AM EDT

My baby rose hair has molted three times now, sink I got her as a little pinky. She wont let me hold her since the second molt, she was calm before that. Now she runs from me, sticks her butt in the air at me, has never kicked hairs though. I can't get her to calm down so I can hold her, I don't chase her much after that because I don't want to stress her

Davis County Utah

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Molting is a process tarantulas go though as they grow. Once your tarantula has emerged from its old skin, it will be extremely soft, tender and sensitive. This may be why she does not want to be handled immediately. The appropriate care is not to handle your tarantula for at least a week after it has molted; to give your pet’s skin time to harden. Then take a little time to let her get used to the presence of your hand again before attempting to pick her up.

You should always use caution when handling your spider. The safest way to pick it up is to grip it securely between the second and third pair of legs with your thumb and forefinger. The tarantula’s reaction is to stop moving if you pick the spider up quickly and all its legs leave the ground at the same time. Another way of picking up your spider is to gently nudge it into the palm of your hand. Always keep your hand underneath the spider and constantly change hands to prevent your spider from falling. If you are hesitant about handling your tarantula the best idea would be not to do it. You don’t want to hurt your pet unintentionally.