Lily Borers

Asked July 3, 2015, 8:03 PM EDT

lily weevil (Agasphaerops nigra) My husband noticed white material on a Asian Lily leaf. A couple inches above is a small hole. Could the above be the culprit? In all the years I have grown Asian and hybrid lilies, I have never seen this. We live in Shelton WA.

Mason County Washington

3 Responses

A photo of the affected leaf would help us figure out the problem.

In the meantime, take a look at WSU's Hortsense--there is an article about thrip damage on Asiatic lily leaves. Thrips leave a silvery-white deposit on the leaves, and the damage to the leaves is more pronounced in hot, dry weather. There is an example of this in the article.

This is a picture of what happened. Small hole between 2 upper leaves with white matter on lower leaves.

There are many borers that will make their way into the stem of garden plants. The white substance you see on the leaves beneath the hole is frass, or insect excrement. If you cut the stem, you would find the culprit eating its way through the stem. It is possible that the critter is indeed the Agasphaerops nigra, as it appears to like our mild, moist climate.